Happy Summer!

We have been having beautiful weather here on the coast. Many people are traveling and visiting Mendocino. It’s nice to see people walking around and enjoying what the coast has to offer.

With the weather in mind, we decided to talk about linen. Linen is made from the flax plant. It is a sustainable fiber. Many people like to wear linen when it is hot because it is lightweight and a breathable fabric. We particularly love the linen shawls we carry at My Chic Farmhouse. They are perfect for the cool summer evenings, lightweight and easy to pack in a suitcase when traveling. More importantly, they accessorize any outfit perfectly. Whether you are going to a wedding, out to dinner or to the upcoming Music Festival Festival here in Mendocino, stop in to see the shawls we carry in all of the amazing colors. We are sure there will be a color you will like. As we like to say - why look ordinary when you can look extraordinary.